S. 'Reptilian Rose'

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From autumn to spring (mid Nov - April) plants will be dormant and will be shipped as bare root rhizomes, pitchers trimmed.  Please be prepared to pot and care for your plant promptly upon arrival. 

For rhizome size information, see the Rhizome Size Reference page.

Sarracenia 'Reptilian Rose'
Official Cultivar Description:

This is a wonderful hybrid that was created by Sarracenia master, Phil Faulisi. The parentage is S. oreophila "Sand Mountain" x S. 'Royal Ruby'. It produces some gnarly pitchers with a crenulated warped peristome. The plant was named by Mitchell Davis, who noticed the pattern of the veins appeared like lizard skin. The plant also emits a fragrance like that of a rose. As pitchers mature, they take on a lovely pinkish-rose coloration.  S. 'Reptilian Rose' is one of my favorites in the collection!

Photos are for reference only showing what pitchers would look like on a mature established plant.


For rhizome size information, see the Rhizome Size Reference page.

Plants will be sent bare root, please be prepared to pot and care for your plant promptly upon arrival.