Sarracenia moorei - Anthocyanin Free (IPL31 x IPF100)

The Pitcher Plant Project

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From autumn to spring (mid Nov - April) plants will be dormant and will be shipped as bare root rhizomes, pitchers trimmed.  Please be prepared to pot and care for your plant promptly upon arrival. 

For rhizome size information, see the Rhizome Size Reference page.

Sarracenia moorei - Anthocyanin Free
S. leucophylla AF x flava 'Suspicion'
IPL31 x IPF100

Bright and green S. moorei! This group of AF moorei were bred by Aiden Selwyn and was a cross between S. leucophylla AF and S. flava 'Suspicion'. (Insektenfang Plants code: IPL31 x IPF100.) Divisions offered come from a mix of seed grown clones. There is slight variation between individual plants. All the plants are robust growers with good form.

Plants in the photo are an example of how this cross looks like.

These make some great points of contrast in the garden, especially when grown with other contrasting plants.  Check out the  AF tub planting  for an example of some of the AF moorei look in a group setting. 


For rhizome size information, see the Rhizome Size Reference page.

Plants will be sent bare root, please be prepared to pot and care for your plant promptly upon arrival.