Sarracenia Chaos - Gallery Canvas Wrap


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Sarracenia Chaos - Cross by Travis H. Wyman

Many of the Sarracenia ‘Reptilian Rose’ crosses by Travis have just turned out fantastic and it has been a joy to watch the plants mature from seed over the years. The parent plant, Sarracenia ‘Reptilian Rose’ was created by Phil Faulisi, and breeding lines involving Phil’s prodigious reptile have yielded quite fascinating results. One plant that really catches my eye year after year is Sarracenia ‘Reptilian Rose’ x (flava var. rubricorpora x leucophylla) – clone #15. This plant sends up a beautiful disorderly mass of pitchers with the strong angular influence from Sarracenia ‘Reptilian Rose.’ Late season pitchers get ominously dark. This gives the plant a chaotic appearance and "Chaos" was a fitting name for a plant such as this.

Plant grown and photographed by Rob Co


.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Closed Back
.: Build with a patented solid support face
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use