Sarracenia Rhizome Potting Guide

A general Sarracenia rhizome potting guide.

Things to have ready:

  • The plant to plant
  • Container for the plant
  • Potting media (I use either pure peat moss, or a 1:1 mix of peat moss and perlite.)
  • Water source

Fill the container part way with the potting media and place rhizome in the pot. 

Backfill potting media into the pot and secure the roots and rhizome by packing the media in. Leave the crown above the surface as that is where new pitchers will emerge from.

Next use your water source (hose, watering can, etc.) and give the pot a good soaking. 

If the plant is in active growth (with pitchers) place newly potted plant in a tray of water in a protected area away from extreme heat/sun. Allow the plant to settle in for a few days before moving out to full sun. The plant will use the remainder of the season to settle in. Let grow and enjoy.

Happy Growing!